JAVA OVERLAND TOURS Excellent Jogja Driver +62 819 1553 4286 Beside Yogyakarta tour, as Yogya driver I also offer Java overland tours. This overland tour package takes about six days, starting with Yogya tour for 2 days and then going to the eastern part of Java. This tour finishes in Ketapang harbor when you catch ferry to Bali. During this overland tour you will visit following places:

During your Java and Yogya tours, you also can visit one of the Javanese most mysterious and impressive temples. The Sukuh temple stands at the height of 900 meters above the sea level on the western slope of mount Lawu, about 36 km to the east of Solo (Surakarta). The main structure has a shape of a pyramid with three terraces and is made of rough-hewn stones. Although the temple’s design is reminiscent of Mayan pyramids, the reliefs and statues have Hindu background. Unlike other Hindu temples in Indonesia, this one is famous especially for its sexual scenes and symbols, among others yoni-lingga relief.




After Yogya tours, during the Java over land tours you will able to visit Mt Bromo also. This small but powerful volcano is one of the most spectacular sights in Java. Together with the inactive mount Batok, Bromo sits in the middle of massive Tengger caldera’s floor, usually called as “sea of sand”. Not just this sandy plain surrounded by craggy peaks but the whole area makes a strange “end of the world” feeling, particularly at sunrise. There are several hotels for visitors in Cemoro Lawang, which is the highest village in Tengger massive and closest to mount Bromo.

One the the places you will visit during Yogya tours and Java over land tours is Ijen crater. Ijen Plateau is a part of a natural reserve and consists of a large caldera and a group of dormant stratovolcanoes. The Ijen landscape is dominated by the volcanic cones of Ijen (2400 m) and Merapi (2800 m) on the north eastern edge of the plateau and Raung (3332 m) on the south western corner. The most impressive place here is the crater with a beautiful acidic lake on the top of Ijen volcano, where hundreds of local men extract sulphur. There also large coffee plantations , hot springs, waterfalls and a few settlements in the plateau.

These three places are examples of destinations that can be visited during Java overland tours. But of course there are also other beautiful places in Java such as Borobudur temple, mount Merapi, Tawangmangu waterfall, Sarangan lake etc. Also these you can visit during your Yogya Java overland tour. Let’s go for Yogya and Java tours with Yogya driver !


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