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Surakarta Tour Package Excellent Jogja Driver +62 819 1553 4286 Solo (international name : Surakarta) has several interested place to visit. The most popular destination in Solo are : Sukuh Temple, Ceto Temple, Waterfall Cemoro Sewu, Mangkunegaran Palace, Kraton Solo (Solo Palace). Trip to Solo need full day tour (from early morning until afternoon) because Yogyakarta – Solo takes 2 hours by car and Solo – temples takes 1.5 hours. I do recommend that you stay a night at Solo after Yogyakarta trip, so next day you can visit all destinations in Solo with relax – no rush hour to go back Yogyakarta.  

a. Sukuh Temple

An unique temple explain human fertility with the art lover. When someone says a taboo, it really naif that says so. Besides, this temple is same popular in the art of lovemaking as a portrait of what is written in the book of Kamasutra. In this area also there is a beautiful stone relief about economic activity at that time : iron home industry.

Sukuh Tample


Sukuh built around the end of the glory days of Majapahit. Majapahit royal administrative center in the village Trowulan able to talk to this Sukuh. Borobudur temple, the Temple of Queen Boko, the kingdom of Demak was so from the glory of Majapahit. Borobudur temple when a religious ceremony, and temple Brahu was temple fpr cremation ash storage Hindus-Buddhists, but Sukuh we can say temple of fertility and temple art of lovemaking.

There is still much to be investigated about the relationship of this temple to temple in other countries, such as India affiliated Sangsekerta posts in Kamasutra book and the building of the Maya in Central America. Try also consider building Inca culture in Peru. Sukuh impossible when there is no relation with the culture of other countries. How is it possible in countries very distant, to create buildings and ornaments erostis almost the same as in Sukuh?

b. Ceto Temple

Cetho is a Hindu temple relics patterned end of Majapahit era (15th century). The first scientific report about him made ​​by Van de Vlies in 1842. A.J. Bernet Kempers also do research about it. Excavation (trenching) for the purposes of reconstruction was first performed in 1928 by the Archaeological Department of the Dutch East Indies.
Cetho Temple



      Fantastic experience tour in jogja, great jeep ride, jomblang cave tour, and lots of good food, fabulous job by the tour guide, Pak Budi. He is friendly and helpful throughout the trip.

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      Arriving on the day of my birthday was a great choice to began with. Had been really curious and would like to witness the Borobudur especially and it's been great so far. The trip was 4D3N with my super funny and responsive driver Supri 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻...More

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      It’s really worth the trip and the driver is really prompt and attentive to the details. Thanks Tugi!

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      We (two grown up daughters and me) reached Yogja on Saturday Sep, 8 late night after having flight delayed for 3 hours, was greeted by our supir Mas Adi who waited for us patiently at the airport for 4 hours!. A good start, knowing that...More

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Under the circumstances when the rubble started to study, this temple has the age that does away with Sukuh. Location of the temple is located in the hamlet of Ceto, Gumeng Village, District Jenawi, Karanganyar. As a place of worship of Lord Shiva, the temple is decorated with statues phallusyang a symbol of Shiva. There is also a statue of Brawijaya V and his advisors and stone structure shaped phallus and yoni measuring two meters. Trapezoid-shaped main building is in the top terrace.
Cetho temple driver Yogyakarta

Before we arrive at Ceto Temple, we pass wide tea plantation that’s very nice scenery. And in the corner of tea pantation there is a “house of tea” called NDORO DONGKER. That is really best place to enjoying tea plantation, rilex, fresh air, best tea to try (only tea – not milk tea), with old style house of tea.
b. Mangkunegaran Palace
Istana (palace) Mangkunegaran is a well known palace in Solo or Surakarta besides Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat. Mangkunegaran sites are located at the center area of the city. From outside, this palace is hidden from a high wall that was built surround the palace. As we are walking into the palace from the entrance door we will find a giant traditional Javanese building which is called as “Pendapa”. Three sets of “gamelan” are arranged neatly inside the pendapa. Once in a week (Wednesday at 10 a.m.), there is a dance performance held in this Pendapa. Next to the pendapa visitor may look around the exhibition room in the main building where private collections from the previous kings are kept and exhibited. There are jewelries, photos, weapon, accessories, and more collections displayed inside this room. Next to the exhibition room visitor will be guided to the places inside the main building like palace garden and dining room and meeting room. The last place to go is a room placed at the east side of the palace, where all the Mangkunegaran’s carriages are kept and treated.
Mangkunegaran Place

Istana Mangkunegaran (Mangkunegaran Palace) was built in 1757 by the first Mangkunegara or Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Mangkunegara I. The exact location of this palace is at Jalan Ronggo Warsito, Surakarta.

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